2 thoughts on “Ezra 4”

  1. I am an 89 yr old believing newcomer to Minehead. I have just enjoyed listening to last Sunday mornings Podcast. If possible I would like to listen to your Sunday services on Sunday, so when please are these podcasts first posted ? I must confess I am not attracted to taking a Facebook A/C, and would therefore prefer other means. Thanks for your help …….Robert

  2. Hi Robert, I’m James (you might have heard me briefly at the start of the podcasts!). They are normally uploaded sometime on a Sunday but sometimes it’s on Monday, depending on what’s happening…

    But you also DO NOT need a Facebook Account to watch the service (or any of the other MBC videos). If you go to: https://www.facebook.com/pg/MineheadBaptistChurch/videos/ You can ignore the bar at the bottom about logging in or getting account and just click on a video to watch it! (They start with the sound muted, so you’ll need to click the little speaker on the video to hear the audio.)

    We’re glad you’ve enjoyed the services. James

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