OpenSong Worship Software

OpenSong is free, open-source, worship software for managing and displaying song words and the Bible. We use it every week in the Church and all the ‘tech crew’ love using it!

You can download the full program for free for Windows, Mac and Linux. Also on the OpenSong downloads page are more song packs, background packs, Bibles and a program to help import songs into OpenSong.

But, to save you some work, we’d also like to share some of the resources we use with OpenSong, such as some different backgrounds and a UK version of the NIV Bible.

If you’ve got any questions about OpenSong, the OpenSong sourceforge forums are a great place to start.

There’s a simple manual on the main OpenSong site.

Songs – Songs of Fellowship

There are OpenSong import tools at:


The Shared Worship Background Graphics Group on Flickr has some great backgrounds for use with OpenSong and other worship software.

James, one of the ‘tech crew’, has got some of his own backgrounds that we use on Flickr as well.

For our ‘default’ settings, we use two simple backgrounds that you can download and are free to use (zip).

The font/sizes we use are (Songs white text/Bible black text):
Trebuchet MS (it’s on most computers and is designed for large screen use)
Song Words 35pt bold (top left alignment)
Song Title / Bible Reference 22pt bold (bottom left alignment)
Song Subtitle / Bible Book Reference 14pt bold (bottom left alignment)

UK NIV Bible

The Bibles that have been released for OpenSong use USA English. So with the help of Richard Bradley, a fellow UK OpenSong user, we’re making a UK English version of the NIV for OpenSong. We’ve changed all the ‘obvious’ things, but expect there are still some American-isms in there! So if you’d like the Bible, you can download the UK NIV for OpenSong here (zip).

If you find anything that needs changing/updating in the Bible, please email opensong at minehead-baptist dot com and we’ll add the changes to the downloadable Bible!

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