Christian Election Resources

If you’re wondering what all the parties and policies are all about in the upcoming Election, here are some information sources and resources looking at the election from a Christian perspective:

The Christian Institute Election Section – There’s a downloadable election briefing document with an easy to understand explaination of what the parties all stand for. You can also see how your current MP has voted on important ethical moral issues.

The Evangelical Alliance Election Section – Has information on the policies of the three main parties in a variety of areas.

Premier Radio’s Election Section – Has seven audio debates held on Premier Radio and you can get a free copy of the ‘Votewise Now!’ booklet.

Christians in Politics – The three Christian sections of the three main parties have got together to promote Christians in politics – no matter the colour they represent!

Why Should Christians be Involved in Politics? by Canon J John

Faithworks Election Section

Prayers for the General Election from the Church of England

Westminster 2010 – A pledge you can sign to promote Christian Values in the Election

Promise To Vote – Sign an online form/email that get sent to the Speaker of the House of Commons that you, as a Christian, will be voting in the election.

Christians and Candidates

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